(2015) 6 Minute Guide to Tracking Author Citations Using RSS Feeds

6 minute guide to help you keep track of research literature using free tools. Please forgive the fact that the video is blurred. A copy of the notes can be found here in case you want to follow the details: 

(2015) 6 Minute Introduction to Getting Things Done® 

This is a 6 minute introduction to help you with productivity. It is a distilled version of Getting Things Done by David Allen. I made this video as part of a class regarding teaching skills. The slides are available here. A blank sheet for carrying out a BranDump is available here. Good luck, I hope this will be of use to you.

(2013) Armchair Quantum Wire on FoxHouston - Alvin Orbaek White

Prof. Andrew Barron interviewed on MyFOX Houston. Discussing the Armchair Quantum Wire project that will use single walled carbon nanotubes to revolutionize electricity conduction in the future. This is following our recent publication in Nano Letters on the increased amplification of single walled carbon nanotubes. (http://pubs.acs.org/doi/abs/10.1021/nl201315j)

(2013) Armchair Quantum Wire By Using Amplification of Nanotubes - Alvin Orbaek

Armchair Quantum Wire By Using Amplification of Nanotubes - Alvin Orbaek

(2011) Chemistry with Alvin. Welcome to the Barron Group at Rice Universit

Mallam Phillips created this video during the summer of 2008, at Rice University with the help of CBEN. He was researching the synthesis of silver nanoparticles in the Barron research group. Alvin, a graduate student in the research group, speaks about the synthesis of the nanoparticles, the use of silver nanoparticles, as well mentioning some of his other work that relates to the growth of Single Wall Carbon Nanotubes.